The Academy of Texas Music, Inc.
World Headquarters

When it was first built in 1927
Plat drawings

Phase 1a - how it was when we got it -
vandalized and vacant for years

Phase 1b - after just a little work -
with some clean up and some work from Grady Lee

Phase 2a - Work Day 3-27-11 -
Volunteers:  Lucky, Jinelle, Jaye, Tommy, Dusty, Bill,
Opie, Kneesa, Marshall, Jan, Alma, Gary, Teri,
Bridgette, Justin, Ann, Jim, and Mary
Thanks to Jinelle and Crump's Food for lunch

Phase 2b - Work Day 4-2-11 -
Volunteers:  Lucky, Jinelle, Jaye, Tommy,
Richie, Markie, Richard, Holly, Billy
Thanks to Jaye for lunch

Phase 2c - Work Day 4-9-11 -
Volunteers:  Ann, Mary, Jim, Jaye,
Lucky, Jinelle, Dub, Billy, Bev, Pat
Thanks to Rose for lunch